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Jay Dwight - Chief Financial Officer

Jay is our Finance Director, CFO, head bean counter, master of debits and credits, holder of the purse-strings and the one who tells us the company is always spending far too much money. He’s a Chartered Accountant with over 30 years’ experience, and he commenced with the company in 2006.

The highlight of his working career was serving as the personal accountant to Queen Elizabeth II of England for over 10 years. Also quite the sportsman, he won a silver medal in Gymnastics at the Seoul 1988 Summer Games, and then followed that up a bronze medal in Luge at the 1988 Calgary Winter Games.

Another skill is writing personal bios where only the first and last paragraphs are true. 


Justine Collier - Group Operations Manager

Justine is our Group Operations Manager in her second stint with the company; first being with us between 2008 and mid-2011, then leaving but re-joining late 2011 after realising the error of her ways. Justine has extensive experience in sales, logistics and administration having worked in a wide array of roles during her working career. 

During her time at Leisure Link, she has also become the resident IT and Telecommunications expert, with implementing new ERP systems now added to her favourite tasks. Relocating offices is another favourite activity, having successfully overseen two office relocations already in her time with us. The rumours about her planning a third move have currently proven unfounded.

Known around the office as “killjoy” and the destroyer of all mirth and frivolity, her least favourite tasks involving keeping our warehouse, sales reps and Head CEO in line.Outside the office, her passion is line dancing, which pretty much says it all.


Martin Leo - General Manager HEAD Sport

Martin is a longstanding member of the Leisure Link family as he has been with the company since its’ inception in 1991. He worked his way up through the ranks starting in a Sales role and quickly became an integral part of the business. Martin is now the CEO of HEAD Tennis and takes great delight in keeping the Group Operations Manager on her toes. 

He is kept busy by leading the National Sales force as well as being a hands on member of the administration team. We consider him irreplaceable, but that’s simply because we’re not sure what he actually does - except stockpile inventory; which is the reason our CFO has lost his hair.

In his spare time he enjoys playing and watching Soccer as he follows the Central Coast Mariners and mountain bike riding. He also follows the Parramatta Eels rugby league team - but only if they are winning.


Morten Christiansen - General Manager Leisure Sport

Morten is our Danish import, who began working for Leisure Link back in April 2012. He is the man in charge of STIGA, CW-X and OOFOS, which all fall under our Leisure Sport Division. Other responsibilities are to look for new opportunities and identify unique products that can be added to our growing number of top international brands. 

Morten’s “Product of the Week” segment is the most enjoyable part of the management meetings. Rumour has it that he is pitching this concept to the TV networks in the hope of getting a big contract to produce and star in his own show.

Favourite sport is European Handball followed by Football (Soccer), especially the A-league, Sydney FC and Liverpool FC.


Chris Bath - General Manager Summit Sport


Scott Edmiston - OOFOS, Adidas Cricket, Bownet Brand Manager

Scott is one of the more recent recruits to our Leisure Link family joining us in 2016. In his previous life he spent 25 years in the golf industry and is experienced in sales, product sourcing, and brand management.

Today he is Brand Manager to our adidas Cricket, OOFOS and Bownet brands, a diverse range of products which keep him occupied.

Scott has a passion for most sports and is extremely competitive by nature – Lucky for him he’s a Queenslander so he’s used to winning! He is a competitive golfer so you will find him strolling the fairways on most weekends.


Richard Tinker - Head of Product Development and Design

Jack of all trades and master of none, don’t ask what he does as nobody knows. Working with A.I he presses a lot of buttons while the computer does all the work; somehow products and artwork come out the other side. Originally working with SUMMIT to design ranges of skateboards in 2001, it became a full time gig in 2004 making him the longest serving person for the brand.

Before designing products for SUMMIT, Richard was the editor for “Bearing Skateboarding Magazine” and working with State Government to organise skate and youth initiatives. At this time he was also assistant for Brisbane based Mike Curtain Photography.

Although he likes to think that he’s young, he can’t skate much anymore so he spends most of his time going down mountains on two wheels. Apart from sitting behind a wall of screens painting by numbers he is known as the undefeated SUMMIT Table Tennis Champion of the World.


Christian Stampa - Club and Teamwear Manager

Christian has over 10 years’ experience in sports teamwear and equipment. In 2017, he decided he needed more challenges in life and could think of no better place than Summit Sport to broaden his already vast knowledge and skill set. Christian is still active in soccer and is known as the Ronaldo of his team for his incredible goal scoring ability and chiselled good looks.


Karen Mangelsdorf - Promotional & Marketing Coordinator

Karen joined Summit in 2006 and is one of the longer serving employees. She worked in many different areas of the business over this time from accounts payable & receivable, purchasing, customer service and now moved into her current role of promotional and marketing.


Colette Mirabito - Assistant Accountant

Colette is our longest serving admin employee having joined Leisure Link as Credit Manager in 2006. Needing a change she reduced her working week to 3 days and uses the title assistant accountant. In truth, Colette is the resident floater – filling in when needed and supporting Justine in some of her projects. 

She also enjoys keeping team spirits up and occasionally entertaining the team with a spontaneous song and/or dance.In her spare time Colette loves spending time with her husband and five children and utilising her skills as a Master Practitioner of NLP and Hypnosis.


Shaun Armstrong - Warehouse (SUMMIT Global Brisbane)

Shaun joined Summit in 2015 and is our QLD logistics and warehouse extraordinaire, soon to be moving into the exciting world of retail! He is an enthusiastic sports follower with AFL (Carlton) and NBA (Golden State Warriors) his favourite viewing sports.

Shaun was still playing AFL until recent injuries have taken their toll on his aging body. His home baked banana bread is famous around the office.    


Evie Slattery - Graphics Designer

Evie is a recent addition to the team, a fresh graphic design graduate. At Summit her role is based around creating visual content across all areas.

When Evie isn’t painting in her spare time, she is catching up on the weeks highlighted sports matches in attempt to know what is being talked about in the office on Monday. Despite her West of Brisbane (IPSWICH) home town, she is still clueless about most sports including rugby.


Tim Broad - Customer Service

Tim joined Leisure Link back in 2011 and since then he has dabbled in everything from Accounts Payable to Logistics. His current role is Sponsorship Coordinator and Customer Service.

In his spare time, Tim loves to listen to music and watch sport. Rugby League being his favourite sport and the mighty Roosters are his team of choice. Tim loves to play poker and classes himself as a degenerate gambler, punting on anything with odds.


Danny Cherry - Victorian Sales Manager

What can be said about Danny? Our longstanding, strong willed, determined (some would say demanding) Victorian Sales Manager. The admin staff have a love/hate relationship with Danny. They love when he is in Melbourne and hate when he is in Sydney.

His persistence is unwavering when it comes to delivering for his customers as he demands excellence in service. With years of experience in the industry and extensive product knowledge, he has proven to be a valuable member of the Leisure Link family.

His famous catch cry “that he lives in the world’s most liveable city” obviously shows he gives no consideration to climate.

Noel Dodds - NSW Sales Representative

Noel started off as the Sales Agent for HEAD Qld in 2001 and joined the Leisure Link family in 2010.

Our NSW Sales Representative, he has a vast array of Tennis related skills including being a Fully qualified MRT (that is a Master Racquet Technician not the Master of Raising Trouble as we thought), a member of the European Stringers Association, United States Stringers Association and International Alliance of Racquet Technicians but we just know him as Santa Claus (from the work Christmas functions).

He has the largest collection of Tennis racquets both antique and current that any of us would ever imagine existing. Our fear is that one day he will acquire more stock than we have.

He is well liked and respected in the industry by his peers and brings his wealth of knowledge to the benefit of the company and his customers.